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Services Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life for Young People

BSF Midlands offers a range of services catering to young people aged 16 and above, including supported living, outreach support, and 24-hour provision.

Many individuals seeking our assistance are in the transitional phase of leaving the care system, and although they may not be fully prepared for independent living in the community, we provide comprehensive packages of support tailored to their needs.

These holistic support packages are designed to address various aspects of their well-being and development during this crucial transitional stage, ensuring a supportive environment as they navigate towards greater independence.

New Life, New Choices

Join us & start a new journey towards a brighter future

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On Call Support Service

Our Accommodation

BSF Midlands offers solo properties with one to four bedrooms, featuring 24/7 on call support. Each room is fully furnished with an ensuite, small kitchen, bedding, and electrical appliances. Our staff qualifications are regularly updated, and in urgent cases requiring emergency accommodation, we strive to promptly place the young person until a suitable permanent move can be arranged.

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Have resided in BSF Midlands accommodation in the past decade

In the last 7 years, BSF Midlands has provided homes for over 190 residents in the Midlands, with more than 60% being females. Through our customized support packages, over 98% have successfully transitioned to lead fulfilling lives.

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Leave our accommodation with a brighter future

With personalized support and a skilled team, 86% of our residents successfully pursue further education before leaving. We empower them to enter the real world with confidence, equipped with essential skills and education.

Support Service

BSF specializes in delivering top-tier supported accommodation and healthcare services to young people aged 16+, including those leaving care, looked after, semi-independent, and unaccompanied asylum seekers. Our approach prioritizes a young person-centric perspective, ensuring a seamless transition into early adult life.

Supported Accommodation

We provide a range of high-quality properties in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, offering solo residences with one to four bedrooms, tailored to the specific needs of young individuals. All our accommodations are staffed 24 hours a day to ensure comprehensive support.


Our tailored holistic Care Packages pinpoint the aspirations, skills, and interests of young individuals. Through targeted training and guidance, we equip them with essential life skills, preparing them for a successful transition to independent living.

How we make a difference

Transforming the Lives of Young People

At BSF Midlands, our central vision is to inspire each young person to “dare to dream.” Many arrive without plans or aspirations, and we encourage them to envision a better future. Financial incentives are provided for progress and excellence in education and independent training.

Our training program spans 11 key areas in 10-week cycles, covering education, finance management, self-discovery, tenancy and premises maintenance, food management, personal care, social skills, relationship building, substance misuse awareness, safety awareness, and hobbies and artistic development.

BSF Midlands implements a comprehensive safeguarding policy to address various risks faced by young people, such as self-harm, criminal behavior, substance abuse, and anti-social conduct within our settings. Work mobile numbers ensure constant communication for increased support and monitoring when risks are identified. Various support packages are in place to prioritize the safety and protection of young individuals.

In the event of abuse, it is promptly recorded using our safeguarding concerns form, and local authorities are urgently notified. Our whistle-blowing policy safeguards those reporting abuse. All staff at BSF are well-versed in and adhere to safeguarding procedures and policies, having received training within the last 12 months to ensure a secure and protective environment for young people.

Upon admission to BSF Midlands, young individuals sign terms of residence and Clear house rules are provided. Our approach focuses on trust-building, creating an environment where young people can express themselves within limits. We actively listen and support individuals through their challenges.

While our gentle approach minimizes incidents, we have processes in place for rare occurrences:

  • A violence policy guides staff in managing conflict, providing diffusion techniques.
  • Staff abstain from physically restraining young people; police intervention is sought when needed.
  • Physical intervention may occur in specific circumstances to separate fighting or ensure a young person’s safety.
  • Legal action is a last resort, with in-house consequences contributing to damage costs and restorative justice instead of criminalising, aiming to prepare them for future consequences.

The pre-admission assessment enables us to tailor a “needs-led” support package while effectively managing risk. The process includes:

  1. Allocation of a key worker upon admission to aid goal achievement and emotional well-being.
  2. Assistance with form completion, appointments, CV writing, job searches, and benefit applications.
  3. Building confidence and motivation through initial substantial support, gradually decreasing as confidence grows.
  4. Monthly target reviews with set reports, providing local authorities with updates on the young person’s progress and their ability to independently manage within the community.

One significant obstacle affecting young people is the struggle to achieve their goals. To address this, we’ve established a list of actions enabling young individuals to becone active participants in society. These include:

  1. Actively participating in all activities related to education, training, and employment.
  2. Residents are responsible for their own cleaning and cooking rota. However, we can provide support and assistance when required.
  3. Engaging in key working sessions.
  4. Attending all essential appointments.
  5. Working towards building independence.
  6. Maintaining their room in a clean and suitable standard.
  7. Exhibiting good behavior.

We frequently encounter young individuals with diagnosed mental health conditions or challenges related to ineffective emotional coping strategies. In such cases, we implement a higher level of support until the individual settles, and their issues stabilize.

For cases involving a disorder or mental health illness, we collaborate with various professionals to ensure comprehensive care and stabilization. If the issue pertains to emotional coping strategies, we employ different therapies, offering in-house guidance and support. Young individuals on medication are required to store it in our lockable safe to prevent unauthorized access. We supervise and remind them to take the medication at the correct time and dosage. A record of the medication, including the number of tablets and signatures from both staff and the young person, is maintained for accountability.

All young residents are enrolled with the local dentist and GP within the initial 7 days of placement. We actively encourage healthy eating and empower young people to develop cooking skills.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our accommodations, and individuals found smoking will receive a warning. In cases of suspected substance misuse, they will also receive a warning. At BSF accommodations, we prioritize addressing substance abuse through awareness and harm reduction sessions, ensuring our young residents receive appropriate advice and support.

What we provide

Committed to Ensuring a Positive Experience for Young People

BSF Midlands offers comprehensive support packages designed to empower
young individuals aged 16 and above. Our services go beyond mere accommodation, providing round-the-clock support and a dedicated team of qualified caregivers committed to guiding you through your journey. We pride ourselves on tailoring packages to meet individual needs, ensuring a personalized and transformative experience during your time in our care.


We provide housing for young individuals classified as vulnerable with significant support requirements.

24/7 On Call Support Available

We offer our residents 24/7 telephone support, ensuring their safety and security every day of the week.

Qualified &
Caring Staff

Our dedicated team of experienced and qualified caregivers is committed to ensuring that young residents feel valued and thrive in their growth journey.

Tailored Packages

We provide personalized packages tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our young residents.