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Welcome to BSF Midlands

Offering support and shelter to individuals aged 16 and above, from care leavers and the homeless to individual asylum seekers.

Empowering 98% of our residents to embrace a fulfilling life, with a significant 60% representing strong, resilient females.

What We Do

We Provide Services Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life for Young People

BSF Midlands offers a range of services catering to young people aged 16 and above, including supported living, outreach support, and 24-hour provision.

24/7 On Call

Our care workers are available at all times by phone for resident safety and security.


We offer personalized packages for each young resident's unique needs

Qualified Staff

Our dedicated team ensures young residents feel valued and thrive

Youth Support

We house vulnerable young individuals with significant support needs

How We Work

We Maintain Three Essential Objectives in our Work with Young People

Guide and support young individuals in reflecting on their life journey, fostering self-awareness and personal development.

We guide young individuals in understanding how past experiences shape their current selves, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

We aim to improve relationships through support, interventions, and effective communication, fostering positive impacts on well-being and development.

Experience Ultimate Comfort: Our properties, exclusively owned by BSF Midlands, feature top-notch fixtures and fittings, ensuring a secure haven. From modern kitchens to cozy bedrooms, each detail is meticulously crafted for a true sense of home, fostering well-being and life transformation.

Our Accommodation

Tailored Accommodations by BSF Midlands!

Learn about the legislation

As a childcare organisation, BSF Midlands fully adheres to the legislation of POCA. POCA 1999 Act safeguards UK children by creating a barred list, boosting inter-agency cooperation, and empowering interventions while supporting recovery.

Child Protection

Safeguarding Children from Harm

As a childcare organization, BSF Midlands strictly complies with the legislation of the Protection of Children Act (POCA), which was enacted in October 1999. POCA aims to identify individuals deemed unsuitable to work with children, maintaining a list for reference. Regulated childcare organizations, including ourselves and entities like sporting clubs, are mandated to submit names to the Secretary of State for potential inclusion in the POCA list.