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We Treat Every Complaint Seriously: Follow Our Complaints Procedure to Address Concerns Against BSF Midlands

Effective Date: January 15, 2024

Making a complaint:

If a young person, carer, parent, or any other involved party has a complaint about an incident, they should first discuss it with a key worker, social worker, or the general manager. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the next step is to follow the representation and complaints procedure.

Upon the young person’s admission, a user-friendly leaflet outlining the formal complaints procedure is provided, and an additional copy is placed in their file. If a young person wishes to make a complaint, the manager or key worker will assist them through the process.

The Complaints Procedure follows set stages: 

Stage 1: The goal is to reach an outcome within the residence. If the complainant is dissatisfied or feels that an informal resolution is not possible, they proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: The complaint is lodged and investigated by a director and an independent person.

Stage 3: The complainant receives an investigation report and proposed actions.

Stage 4: If still dissatisfied, the complainant can request a complaint to be referred to a social worker, who will attempt other ways to resolve the matter.

Stage 5: In addition to the complaint, contact can be made with the Local Government Ombudsman. Details are as follows:

Local Government Ombudsman:

PO BOX 4771
TELEPHONE: 0300 061 0614


We strive to work at the highest regulatory standards and employ a compliance manager at BSF Midlands. This allows us to regularly assess our working practices against standards set by various statutory and professional guidelines, including:

  • Placement North West
  • Local authority HMO registrations and building regulations
  • Local authority contracts
  • Information Commission Office (ICO)
  • Company House
  • Company Insurers
  • Health and Safety Advisory Consultancies
  • Human Resource Advisory Consultancies
  • External Health and Social Care Regulators

For further information, please contact the Project Office Manager at 0247 666 6507 or send an email to: