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About BSF Midlands

Providing quality care and support

BSF Midlands offers accommodation and assistance to individuals aged 16 and above. Many of those we aid are in the transition from the care system but are not yet prepared to live independently in the community.

We provide comprehensive support packages for vulnerable young individuals during the transitional phases of their early adult lives. These packages aim to prepare them for a healthy and prosperous future. Our support extends to assisting care providers.


Our goal is to ensure that young people undergo a transitional process that empowers them with the necessary knowledge and skills, preparing them for a successful and brighter future.

Our Core Values

BSF Midlands is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and access for all individuals

BSF Midlands is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities, ensuring equitable access for every individual, irrespective of their race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, or religion. We acknowledge the diverse needs of the young people under our care and understand that they thrive in environments tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Young people possess the right to be treated with respect, have their views considered, be heard, and actively participate in decisions regarding their future plans. Additionally, they have the right to be free from discrimination or bullying, and the responsibility not to engage in discriminatory or bullying behavior towards others.

We actively foster an Anti-Bullying culture among young people by providing information on how to file complaints and seek assistance from staff members. All complaints are treated with utmost seriousness, without exception. Initially, we aim to resolve complaints informally by engaging with the young person on a day-to-day basis. In exceptional cases where informal resolution is not possible, the young person is supported in accessing the formal complaints procedure.

What we offer

Supporting Youth Transition: Compassionate Assistance, Safe Environment, and Comfortable Living

Responsive Support

We provide various supported living options, including placements with 24-hour onsite care as well as those with varying levels of day and night support, all tailored to meet the needs of young individuals in independent accommodation.

Safe Housing

Ensuring a secure and appropriate living environment is crucial for young individuals transitioning from care, providing a foundation for a positive journey into adulthood and supporting success in various aspects of life.

Quality Living

We advocate for young people to reside in high-quality environments that are both nurturing and therapeutic, mirroring the warmth of family homes and offering personalized support packages tailored to their holistic needs.

"We value the need for local authorities to have flexibility and responsiveness when placing young people in semi-independent supported living accommodations."

Statement of Purpose

Guiding young people through a streamlined transition process

The support packages we provide assist care providers, addressing their needs with urgency. The management and staff at BSF Midlands possess extensive experience in this field, and we are attentive to the potential impact a change of placement can have on a young person.

We prioritize a youth-centric approach, tailoring strategies to meet unique needs and perspectives. This is crucial for facilitating a positive transition, fostering growth, development, and empowerment for each individual in our care.

Young individuals can move to specially designed solo rooms with en-suite facilities and a small kitchen, promoting independent living by fostering self-sufficiency, personal growth, and the development of essential life skills.

We offer swift emergency out-of-hours referral placements, ensuring access to secure and supportive environments with a focus on timely assistance and compassionate care during critical situations.

We offer services that support young people in acquiring independent living skills, engaging with the local community, and promoting behavioral change through personalized educational support.

We prioritize early intervention for youth mental health, emphasizing timely identification, comprehensive support, awareness, and creating a supportive environment to enhance the overall well-being and resilience of young individuals during crucial developmental phases.

Our dedicated Case Worker at BSF Midlands ensures ongoing support by regularly communicating with placement providers, acting as a key liaison to address immediate needs and foster a deeper understanding of the unique requirements of those under our support, ensuring a tailored and proactive approach to their well-being and development.

Our holistic approach achieves excellent results by addressing immediate challenges, fostering lasting empowerment in a supportive environment. This includes educational support, skill development, and emotional well-being, forming a well-rounded framework for success.

Upon arrival, young individuals receive support to settle in and feel at home while discovering innovative ways to find motivation, direction, and set meaningful goals. We prioritize nurturing personal growth, providing guidance to instill purpose and ambition in their journey towards a brighter future.

Statement of Purpose 2024/2025

Vision, Mission and Values